RAID 10 Recovery: We have found that most companies prefer local service whenever possible. Because of this, we recover RAID at labs and service centers across the nation. Choose the location nearest you for your RAID recovery needs...

Professional RAID repair & recovery. We recover RAID data from degraded drives, offline disks, corrupt RAID configurations, failed controllers & more...

Our RAID recovery specialists repair and recover RAID servers when one or more hard drives have failed, disks are offline or status shows one or more disks are in degraded mode.

  • Local Service: We recover RAID at locations across the country including onsite.
  • All Versions and Configurations: Specializing in recovering RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 50.
  • All RAIDs, NAS and SAN: HP, Dell, IBM, File servers, SNAP, SAN and NAS devices.
  • All Types of RAID: Adaptec, Promise, Highpoint, Harware & Software RAIDs.
  • All Database Applications: SQL Server, Oracle, Access, DB2, Exchange Server, Peach Tree, Quickbooks and more!

For RAID data recovery or to recover RAID data we offer free courier pickup, local service and 24/7 emergency raid recovery services for time-critical situations.

When you can't afford to lose your data call